Software Development

I began software development while I was in school and learning HTML, C++ and Java. I mostly worked on building webpages, simple textbook programs and some graphics in the command line using Turbo C compiler.

I spend my days writing code and converting what seems in childhood as magic to art.

I have worked with Adobe systems just after graduating in 2014 till 2018.

In 2017 after working on lots and lots of prototypes and concepts. I decided to move to Adobe Lightroom. Here I worked on 17 years old, 1 million monthly customer user base digital photography product which brought me close to product development and photography. Since then photography has become a hobby. Throughout 2017- 18, I have been involved in all releases of Lightroom. The major one being 7.3 which had Preset and Profiles. This was a unique opportunity to work with cross platform, multi-geography teams working together to push common feature across the ecosystem.

In late 2018, I joined Flipkart India’s major eCommerce consumer marketplace. This was challenging in terms of difference of culture and development methodology and tech stack. Which makes this place really really interesting. The huge scale and impact of every single person is huge here and so is the pace of constantly evolving services and requirements.

I work in the customer experience group, where managing customer contact and satisfaction is the key metric. Here I am developing multiple services involving workflow engines, near real-time dashboards and predictive services which orchestrate product flows, assist customer service agents and reports metrics to stakeholders in real-time.

Developing Web Application Without any Framework

Experiences on developing production web application without a web development framework.

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Investigating Memory Leaks in Java

Recently, at work, I was handed over a web service that was largely forgotten. It was written in Java and it’s only responsibility was to power a reporting console used by the operations team in the eCommerce company that I work with. The job was simple, one of the backend services that this service uses […]

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Cracking the Oyster

Cracking the Oyster  Problem Statement  Input: A file containing at most n positive integers, each less than n, where n = 10^7. It is a fatal error if an integer occurs twice in the input. No other data is associated with the integer.  Output: A sorted list of increasing order of input strings.  Constraints: Limited […]

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Compute Random Permutation

Compute Random Permutation Problem Statement  Design an Algorithm that creates a uniform permutation from (0 – n-1).  Given a random number generator that return a number (0 – n-1 ) with equal probability. Use as few call to it as possible.  Problem Solving Immediately I thought about the shuffle algorithm. However here we are provided […]

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Don’t just Learn, PLAY it…!!

Don’t just learn, PLAY it..!! After having set up the problem solving blog and observing it’s value in mere few weeks. I have now understood the benefits of regular practice, of doing and moving slowly rather than rushing and falling down miserably being. When I use to do that I use to fell hurt myself […]

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