I have been clicking pictures as soon as I got my hands on a digital camera. However, my interest in photography expanded back in 2017 when I started working in Adobe Lightroom Team.

I was extremely luck to learn from the best as Adobe organized a photography summit for it’s employees to better understand customers and their needs. This gave me exposure and interaction with one of world’s renowned photographers and evangelist of digital photography.

Since then I have developed a liking for the photography as an expression and a hobby.

Since that day I have been clicking where ever I visit.

Leh Ladhak 2016

I visited Leh Ladhak in August 2016. It was just after when major rainfall had stopped in the area. The roads, however, were affected by multiple landslides that occur in all the hilly regions. I visited this trip as a part of a 30 bikes group. Starting from Manali all the way to Ladakh, Leh, […]

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