I picked up my first musical instrument, a guitar, in my last semester of college. Since then it has become a friend which accompanies me and helps me be aware of my self. I have never taken any formal training in music but I keep trying to learn new concepts, instruments whenever I get time. I try to compose a few music pieces as well.

Without music, life would be a mistake

Friedrich Nietzsche

Fingerstyle picking a new life to guitar playing

I have mostly learned playing guitar myself by meeting people who played guitar and Youtube being one of the best teachers. However since I have started playing guitar I have always used a pick for it shard and clean tone. Fingerpicking was just as alien as guitar was when I first picked it up. I […]

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Green Anthem

As a part of Adobe Music Group in 2015 As a part of Adobe beGreen Month in 2015, the group composed a fine song. The song lyrics and music composition was itself a part of an interactive team-building exercise. Later this was performed at multiple home centers across Delhi as a part of Adobe Corporate […]

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