Fingerstyle picking a new life to guitar playing

I have mostly learned playing guitar myself by meeting people who played guitar and Youtube being one of the best teachers. However since I have started playing guitar I have always used a pick for it shard and clean tone. Fingerpicking was just as alien as guitar was when I first picked it up. I […]

Fanaticism in Modi’s India

In this modern age of the Internet, Digital information, Privacy, I have recently been saddened by the state of India’s current political situation. Never in the last 72 years of independence, the state of the public political opinion has been a tilt towards the right. Never before have I noticed the amount of xenophobia, intolerance […]

Investigating Memory Leaks in Java

Recently, at work, I was handed over a web service that was largely forgotten. It was written in Java and it’s only responsibility was to power a reporting console used by the operations team in the eCommerce company that I work with. The job was simple, one of the backend services that this service uses […]

Cracking the Oyster

Cracking the Oyster  Problem Statement  Input: A file containing at most n positive integers, each less than n, where n = 10^7. It is a fatal error if an integer occurs twice in the input. No other data is associated with the integer.  Output: A sorted list of increasing order of input strings.  Constraints: Limited […]

Leh Ladhak 2016

I visited Leh Ladhak in August 2016. It was just after when major rainfall had stopped in the area. The roads, however, were affected by multiple landslides that occur in all the hilly regions. I visited this trip as a part of a 30 bikes group. Starting from Manali all the way to Ladakh, Leh, […]

Compute Random Permutation

Compute Random Permutation Problem Statement  Design an Algorithm that creates a uniform permutation from (0 – n-1).  Given a random number generator that return a number (0 – n-1 ) with equal probability. Use as few call to it as possible.  Problem Solving Immediately I thought about the shuffle algorithm. However here we are provided […]

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