Fingerstyle picking a new life to guitar playing

I have mostly learned playing guitar myself by meeting people who played guitar and Youtube being one of the best teachers. However since I have started playing guitar I have always used a pick for it shard and clean tone. Fingerpicking was just as alien as guitar was when I first picked it up.

I have tried before but the feeling never sulked in with those high notes felt low in loudness. After that I never tried it again.

Post that I have been playing with my pick on my electric and acoustic but I have been in a block. A creative block for too long. It came to a point that I did not want to play the guitar anymore since all I played was music created by other artists and could not really felt as if I can express myself. I nearly dumped playing the guitar and picked up a keyboard in a pursuit that maybe learning music theory could help me break out. But keyboard playing is not the same as a guitar. A guitar I can hold the ways I want, sit the way I want, take wherever I want. It was really depressing being in that block.

Recently a friend of mine showed me video :

In just 1 minute into the video, I knew I have I have to pick my guitar again and throw away the pick.

I did that and wonders, I feel alive with the guitar even more now.

The acoustic guitar is a friend all your life and most of the time it’s only a few chords that you need. Keep playing…

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