Fanaticism in Modi’s India

In this modern age of the Internet, Digital information, Privacy, I have recently been saddened by the state of India’s current political situation. Never in the last 72 years of independence, the state of the public political opinion has been a tilt towards the right. Never before have I noticed the amount of xenophobia, intolerance and fanaticism for the government in my entire 15 years of politically conscious life. The oratory, propaganda and “fake news” which I assumed that only impacted the masses, which keeps the government in their seats, have never before even crept into the minds of the educated and responsible citizens. The all-powerful citizen of India have become blindfolded to unchecked power “WE” are bestowing to the state.

So as a responsible Indian citizen, given the right to speech by the constitution of India, I wanted to express and attempt to open the eyes and minds of my fellow citizens who have unknowingly accepted the blindfold of hatred and fanaticism.

Pillars Of Democracy

I want to first, remind you that who “WE” are, just by reiterating what is written in the founding documents of our loved nation.


having solemnly resolved to constitute India

into a





REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and

the unity and integrity of the Nation




I do not want to make this a school lecture, however, I wanted to reiterate this that India is constituted by its people and their collective idea, to live together in harmony.

Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία dēmokratía, “rule by [the] people”) is a form of government in which the people exercise the authority of government. Who people are and how authority is shared among them are core issues for democratic development and constitution.

India is democratic, being democratic means that the ultimate power of authority is with the citizens and people of the nation, that authority is given to us by our constitution.

In today’s India or so-called Modi’s India, the institutions that are placed to keep the government in check, so-called the Pillars of democracy like media, judiciary etc are being oppressed and faulting.

So the first point I want to make is to first step inside your own conscience and first agree that this is an incorrect idea that a single man or political party should be the ultimate authority. Accepting this is difficult and cognitively dissonant because, in so many years, we have never seen the voices of citizens heard and made the government step down. But bear with me it’s true, that “US” the citizens of India are the ultimate authority.

Why the Citizens feels powerless and the pillars are falling?

Now that “WE” have understood this fundamental idea of where the power lies. “WE” as responsible citizens need to check and correct why is that the pillars of democracy are failing and what is our role and responsibilities?

For almost all of history “WE” the people of India under the same constitution wanting to live and prosper have been under constant issues of identity, religion, borders against each other and the governments have made it their agenda to polarise the issues and turn “US” against each other so that the government can stay in power and the citizen is actually left with nothing. What this does is that it creates a divide within “US” and that a citizen is left fighting themselves rather solving the issues. The great DIVIDE and CONQUER strategy.

For most of my life, I have felt that education and critical thinking of individual will reduce this divide and people will understand their role and the government’s place in our society.

However, It saddens me, and that is the catalyst for me to write this article is watching learned, educated, young citizens of India, still divided and spreading this great divide. When the young and educated of today’s India, falls to this idea of One man, One India, and acts as Modi’s fan. There cannot be a greater danger to “US” and our democratic nation.


At this point, a few readers would have made up their minds that I am anti-Modi. This is exactly what I call the agents of the divide.

NO, I am not anti-Modi or pro-Modi. I am a simple citizen wanting to remove this propaganda and blindfold of these fanatics who call themselves pro-Modi/bhakts/supporters and the anarchist who is anti-Modi/anti-establishment. There is no US and THEM, there is GOVERNMENT and there are CITIZENS. GOVERNMENT IS ELECTED BY US TO DO GOVERNANCE. The same government in 2014-2019 while still in majority in parliament tooks multiple steps for good. like:

  • The Make in India initiative had a great impact on FDI (See here).
  • His foreign policy and relations have made India stand for a permanent seat in UN security council (see here).
  • The Swacch Bharat campaign is by far the best win I think, this has led to 25 Indian states to become open defecation free, this will go a long way for the health of the Nation(See here).
  • The Jan-Dhan Yojna provided zero bank balance accounts for millions and brought the majority of the rural country in the formal economy. (See here)
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojna, more than five crore BPL households got cooking fuel connections for a nominal amount of Rs 1,600. (See here)
  • Ayushman Bharat aimed to provide healthcare to millions of citizens still at an early stage and is facing challenges however was thoughtful.

These actions on top of the incompetence and corruption of UPA government, made everyone willing to give Modi the ultimate majority and made him the controlling authority, by providing full majority government.

These policies although great work but should be kept under perspective. There is no one man doing everything. There are millions and millions of civil servants doing their duties. The prime minister and its government are just to follow the democratic vote of the people. If she/he is not doing it correctly or as per required by the constitution of India, she/he should be critiqued by the media, if strict action is required then judiciary should lay down a special bench to inform the people of the wrongdoings of the government.

This(see here and here) all have happened and none of that has caught your attention because the mass propaganda media has made Modi a Hero, because the youth of this country are ranting about WHY PEOPLE SHOULD LOVE MODI FOR THE WORK HE HAS DONE. The citizens elected him and gave him the opportunity to serve that’s enough proof. The hard work and effort put are by millions of workers and civil servants, not MODI. Please stop spreading this fanaticism.

The vicious DIVIDE here is because, in Modi’s India, anyone who critic the state or the government instantly is declared by the Social Media and such blindfolded citizens as ANTI – NATIONAL / PAKISTANI (see here). I ask you, people, to not fall for this propaganda and misuse of the freedom of speech, agents like trolls, fake news can instantly make your fellow citizen a terrorist or an anti-national. If today, you allow the government and their so-called supporters to do this, tomorrow it will be your friend or family which will be declared anti-national and locked up for good. (See here)


Another such tactic is that one who does not agree with BJP must be with Congress. This again is absolutely rubbish. I personally do hate the UPA, for it is their fault that has plunged the masses to agree with anything that Modi wants. The UPA in their great era of leadership had also used DIVIDE and CONQUER, to politicise issues to their advantages. This is their fault too that an average citizen agrees with anything but them. The corruption and incompetence are not to be neglected. However, that does not make choosing a single-party majority and consolidating so much power into one man a good decision either. My fellow citizens do not become a fan or a hater, be a critic. There is no BJP/CONGRESS there is just “US” and the constitution. If the government does its job, it’s because of the “US” the people invested in the building of the nation, If the government does wrong, we should keep it in check.


With the advent of Digital Information age, it has become easier to access information and share opinion. All aspects of sharing opinion are highly powerful tools in a democracy. However, with so much power comes great responsibility. Responsibility to distinguish between news and “fake news”. Responsibility to help true, unbiased journalism. Responsibility to not spread state propaganda. Responsibility to write and share opinions consciously in the spirit of an Indian, not a Modi supporter or a Modi hater. Responsibility to keep the state in check of unconstitutional activities. Responsibility to make aware fellow citizens who have fallen prey to become themselves the agents of the divide. (See here how the propaganda machine works)


If you believe that history is something that should be learned from for the betterment of society and individual then I should urge you to learn about any of these individuals like Mussolini, Hitler, Putin(see here, here, here, here) Few common themes you will find is Controlling Media, an Increased show of military strength, Fanatic support from the masses, oppression of public peaceful protests. These, when compared to the current government’s activities, does not give a hopeful picture for India’s democracy. However, I am just as naive as you and just awed by the similarities. This does not prove anything. But it does make you wonder that the path that India’s fanatics are taking is not good for India’s democracy.

I hope YOU take this as an honest, unbiased and neutral opinion. I have no authority or expert degree. I am just an independent thinker like you. I just wanted to make US aware and able to critically think about the current political situation in India our beloved nation.

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